Meet Steve King

Welcome To my website

Working Online Since 2005

Hello I’m Steve King and I would like to give you a warm welcome to my site.

It’s probably a good idea to kick off and tell you a little bit about myself

I have been working online as a Marketer since mid 2008, prior to which I was selling various items on eBay since 2005 and I have been creating websites ever since

Steve King Web Design

A Brief History


I have over twenty five years of experience working in both sales and marketing environments.

I decided to bring my sales activities online in an attempt to avoid being left behind by the ever changing fast paced world that is the internet.

4th February 2005

I started working online on 4th February 2005 which is the same day I first used WordPress to build a website

Working Online

Working online gives me the freedom to work when and where I want to.

It also allows me to share my knowledge and create products to help other people live and succeed in an online lifestyle just as I do

And I look forward to sharing what I have learned over the years and with the hope I can help you move toward the financial freedom and more quality time that we all desire.

Back in 2005 I was trying to make a little extra money but these days I am working at creating lots of revenue streams that don’t need massive amounts of maintenance and which grow each month and help me move closer to my end goal of an early retirement.

Over the following years I have learned a great deal about online techniques, from website build and development, to traffic generation, SEO techniques, successful monetization of web pages and the creating of various memberships sites, using a variety of platforms, which all sit on the back end of comprehensive sales funnels.

Having SOme Down time

When I am not working I can usually be found on a golf course

I love golf and my passion has contributed to me building several golf websites and Info Products, which are designed to help amateur golfers play better.

I have recently been working on a golf website that makes money from Adverts placed throughout highly optimised long form articles.

And to spice things up I also included a comprehensive video golf coaching program too.

The revenue and traffic is coming along nicely.

You can see that website at Fore King Golf

bowood golf course n wiltshire
The 18th Hole at The Kendleshire

An Ever Changing World

Things Have Certainly Changed Since I Started

When I first started online, the resources that we use today were not available, which meant that it was much harder to put things together, like webpages, sales funnels, landing pages, affiliate resources etc.

and as a result I wasted a lot of money and more importantly a lot of time, so I hope to help you avoid some of the same mistakes that I made.

It’s all straight forward info, that I deliver in a non-jargon, plain speaking way, so it’s easy for you to follow along to and implement in your own business “

“Over the last 15 years I have learned how to streamline my online business and make more money from less effort.

From these experiences I share information about the things that worked but also the ones that didn’t.

I remember how hard I found things when I first started using WordPress back in 2009.

I was a WordPress non-techie without a clue! But that didn’t stop me getting stuck in and making and breaking websites, until I learned what to do.

So, if you’re new to building websites with WordPress feel free to check out my various tutorials and guides as I hope to help you avoid making some of the same mistakes that I made as a newcomer.

Plans For The Future

My plan for this site is to try to provide excellent content and practical advice, sharing my insights along the way.

With a positive attitude and passion for helping people, my mission is to share what I know and help those who want to help themselves toward a better life.

I am always honest and I never promote something just for a commission like most Bloggers do.

If you ever need any help please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to help if I can